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Akosombo Shelter Home

The Transitional Home

It’s been more than five year since HFGM first opened the door to the transitional home and took in the first few children from the street. Now we have taken more children from the street into the Home. As of today, we now have 12 children in the Home, and each one is enrolled in public school. 

These former street children now have a place they call HOME!!! They have house parents, eat three healthy meals and snacks a day, and they are making friends in the neighborhood. Their spiritual, physical and social needs are being met. These children are now living normal lives as children should. All by the grace and mercy of the Great God we serve!

With this facility

1. Some of these children now live in a safe and secure environment where they are growing and learning.

2. Our Education center would continue. The fabric of our education is the Gospel & discipleship.